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Table 1.

The patient's consecutive blood and urine cadmium concentrations

Normal blood and urine cadmium concentration: 0.2–6.0 ng/ml.

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Table 1.

The patient's consecutive blood and urine cadmium concentrations

Normal blood and urine cadmium concentration: 0.2–6.0 ng/ml.

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After being stabilized on the second day, he was transferred to the medical ward. Diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain subsided, but weakness and myalgias persisted. On hospital day 3, laboratory studies showed serum chloride 111 mEq/l, sodium 144 mEq/l, potassium 4.2 mEq/l and thrombocytopenia (platelet count of 77 000/mm 3 ). On day 7, his platelet count returned to the normal range. Consecutive blood and urine cadmium concentrations were measured. Blood cadmium concentrations on days 2, 3, 4 and 7 post-exposure were 15.1, 7.4, 3.3 and 0.2 ng/ml, respectively, and urine cadmium concentrations 8.4, 5.6, 0.4 and 0.2 ng/ml.

Cadmium is a severe pulmonary and gastrointestinal irritant, which can be fatal if inhaled or ingested. Acute cadmium poisoning causes gastrointestinal tract erosion, pulmonary, hepatic or renal injury and coma, depending on the route of poisoning [ 7 , 8 ]. After acute ingestion, symptoms usually appear in 15–30 min. These include: abdominal pain, burning sensation, nausea, vomiting, salivation, muscle cramps, vertigo, shock, loss of consciousness and convulsions. Our case had vomiting, diarrhoea, anorexia and drowsiness after ingesting cadmium-containing chemicals. Acute ingestion of as little as 10 mg of inorganic cadmium has caused severe symptoms. Ingestion of >100 mg of its soluble salts can be lethal [ 7 ]. Our patient was estimated to have taken ∼1 g of inorganic cadmium, which is a lethal dose. Given the clinical course and the elevated blood and urine cadmium levels, it is all but certain that this patient's symptoms were related to acute cadmium poisoning.

Our case is unique due to the combination of cadmium and barium. We are unsure how much cadmium and barium our patient took, but a blood level of 24.9 mEq/l is a marked elevation, and is consistent with excessive cadmium salt ingestion. Blood cadmium levels are a reflection of acute cadmium exposure; urine levels appear to provide a better measure of chronic exposure [ 9 ]. Serum cadmium levels will help confirm the diagnosis, but do not correlate with the severity of intoxication. Many of our patient's symptoms could also be ascribed to barium poisoning (gastro-enteritis and paralysis). Physicians are familiar with barium in its inert and insoluble form as a contrast medium, barium sulfate. While barium sulfate is not absorbed systemically, other water-soluble barium salts (carbonate, chloride, sulfide and nitrate) can be absorbed and cause barium poisoning [ 10 ]. Barium stearate, the presumed culprit in our case, is a water-soluble barium salt and can cause acute poisoning. The serum barium concentration of 34.1 μg/day could have contributed to our patient's clinical manifestation; however, serum barium assays are not routinely available in hospital laboratories, and do not contribute to the management of this poisoning.

The oceanic energy budget equation reads as

For the tropical Pacific (30°N–30°S), which is our main area of interest, we decompose area integrals of ∇· F O into transports across the three‐lateral boundaries of the basin (Gauss's theorem), namely, ITF heat transports (positive westward) and the sum of ocean heat transports across 30°N (OHT 30N , positive northward) and 30°S (OHT 30S , positive southward).

OHC fields are available as monthly averages, which are valid in the middle of the respective month. Hence, to obtain unbiased estimates of two‐yearly accumulated OHCT (i.e., two‐yearly OHC changes), which are used widely throughout the paper, we compute differences of two‐monthly averaged OHC. For example, OHCT accumulated from beginning of 1997 to the end of 1999 is computed from the difference of December 1998 to January 1999 and December 1996 to January 1997 averages of OHC. We decompose OHC and OHCT into an upper‐ocean [OHC(0–300m)] and deep ocean [OHC(300m−full_depth)] component, since the latter involves much larger uncertainties, especially prior to the Argo (a global array of currently about 3800 temperature and salinity profiling floats; Gould et al., Clearance Huge Surprise jacquard effect polo shirt Blue Cerruti Deals Online qLh7unmrp5
) period, when essentially no in situ measurements existed in the subtropical Pacific below 300m. This allows us to assign larger uncertainties to the deep ocean OHC, which is relevant for our method to close the energy budget (see below for details). The ocean energy budget for the tropical Pacific (30°N–30°S) then reads as follows:

Ocean heat transports and OHC (referenced to 0°C) are computed from ECMWF's Ocean ReAnalysis System 4 (ORAS4; Balmaseda et al., 2012 ) and 5 (ORAS5), each consisting of five ensemble members.

ORAS5 is ECMWF's most recent ocean reanalysis and has been developed based on Ocean ReAnalysis Pilot 5 (Tietsche et al., 2014 ; Zuo et al., 2015 ), using the same ocean and sea ice model and data assimilation method (see supporting information Text S2 [Good et al., Cupro Skirt Town by VIDA VIDA Footlocker Pictures For Sale rqwMwmo
; Titchner Rayner, 2014 ] for details).

ORAS5 has a much higher resolution (1/4‐degree horizontal resolution and 75 vertical levels) than ORAS4 (1‐degree horizontal resolution and 42 vertical levels); hence, besides doubling the ensemble size, use of both reanalyses allows to demonstrate the robustness of the results across different model resolutions. Two additional OHC estimates come from a five‐ensemble‐member control run of ORAS5 where no subsurface information has been assimilated and from the entirely in situ based Hadley EN4.2 data (Good et al., 2013 ). Please note that the latter two OHC estimates are fully independent of each other.

In the example below, the nightly workflow is configured to run every day at 12:00am UTC. The cron key is specified using POSIX crontab syntax, see the Official Tohnek boatneck cotton Tshirt Acne Studios Cheap Sale Latest NPjiMEtW08
for cron syntax basics. The workflow will be run on the master and beta branches.

In the above example, the commit workflow has no triggers key and will run on every git push . The nightly workflow has a triggers key and will run on the specified schedule .

A valid schedule requires a cron key and a filters key.

The value of the cron key must be a BOSS Casual Mens Pilipe Polo Shirt Boss Orange by Hugo Boss Discount Lowest Price Free Shipping Authentic Caqym

Note: Cron step syntax (for example, */1 , */20 ) is not supported.

The value of the filters key must be a map that defines rules for execution on specific branches.

For more details, see the branches section of the Configuring CircleCI document.

For a full configuration example, see the Sample Scheduled Workflows configuration .

The following sections provide example for using Contexts and filters to manage job execution.

The following example shows a workflow with four sequential jobs that use a context to share environment variables. See the White Replica Sneakers Maison Martin Margiela Sale Ebay Affordable bdWHQ
document for detailed instructions on this setting in the application.

The following config.yml snippet is an example of a sequential job workflow configured to use the resources defined in the org-global context:

The environment variables are defined by setting the context key as shown to the default name org-global . The test1 and test2 jobs in this workflows example will use the same shared environment variables when initiated by a user who is part of the organization. By default, all projects in an organization have access to contexts set for that organization.

The following example shows a workflow configured with jobs on three branches: Dev, Stage, and Pre-Prod. Workflows will ignore branches keys nested under jobs configuration, so if you use job-level branching and later add workflows, you must remove the branching at the job level and instead declare it in the workflows section of your config.yml , as follows:

The following config.yml snippet is an example of a workflow configured for branch-level job execution:

In the example, filters is set with the branches key and the only key with the branch name. Any branches that match the value of only will run the job. Branches matching the value of ignore will not run the job. See the Sample Sequential Workflow config with Branching for a full example.

Disciplines vary, however, not only in their publishing cultures but also in what is expected by an archive. For instance, those who use and contribute to the well-known White Arm Flesh TShirt KTZ Popular Sale Online Professional For Sale Clearance Official Site Wholesale Price Cheap Online Cheap Sale Marketable a04Jt
seem to prefer quick prepublication without review over the traditional system of peer review and long publication delays. The reasons are twofold: Registering a research result in the archives means putting a date stamp on the paper to assure that the ideas or results are attributed to the author or authors first. Also, data posted in the archive is immediately available for further research. The quality check comes later, after the e-prints are submitted to journals (journal submission often is contemporaneous with submission to the archive). However, it is doubtful that the same reasoning applies to other fields as well, because physics always had a strong tradition of exchanging preprints; moving to the e-preprint server was a way of automating an existing process.

European-integration research, by contrast, even built quality-control mechanisms into its working-paper series. It may be that as the field matures, it will become more comfortable with sharing papers that have not been reviewed. Even now in European-integration research, the demand for easy access to a variety of papers quoted in bibliographies is growing. One type of grey literature, conference papers, is widely circulated via references but very difficult to obtain by those who did not participate in the conference. Those conference papers are cited even though papers submitted to conferences seldom undergo any quality check. [5]

It seemed to us as we planned ERPA that an archive has to both acknowledge the demand to make literature of all types retrievable, and yet find a quality filter to keep readers from spending time on relatively low-utility papers.

The possible scenarios for offering papers through an archive can be summed up in a table that integrates the degree of quality control with the types of papers included.

I will discuss the alternative scenarios in turn.

The archive contains working-paper series from organizations that meet strict requirements for their review process.

This scenario is intended to keep out all but the highest-quality working-papers series by limiting the organizations whose papers are accepted to those that follow one or several of the following standards: having double-blind outside peer review, professional editing, or only top academics on the Editorial Board.

The rationale for this approach is twofold: First, the archive does not confuse readers by combining papers that have undergone a strict quality-control process with papers that have not. This archive's mission is to facilitate access to papers that are considered by the archive managers to be worth reading, and to exclude lower-quality papers. Second, the archive is attempting to raise the quality of published papers by focusing on a few participating high-quality series. The assumption is that working papers that are not easy to find (because they are not in the archive) will be less likely to be read and considered for publication in top journals, and that authors who want to be published in those journals will go through the review process of the participating institutions to get the archive's imprimatur. The fact that the exclusive club's members are top institutions and top series explains the attractiveness of the archive to both authors and readers.


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